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TECCAM, Global vision

Teccam bets on internationalisation from the Basque Country

We look at Europe from the Basque Country, a leading region in the metallurgical and automotive sector.

Our privileged location in the Basque country, see map, a leader in the metallurgical and automotive sector for bringing together one of the largest concentrations of foundries and innovation centres in Europe, allows us to generate very positive synergies that benefit our innovative spirit.

Teccam’s Goals: Higher quality, shorter deadlines, and cost reduction

TECCAM was born as a result of a new vision of the polystyrene pattern sector for casting.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to achieve constant improvements in production processes in order to provide value and confidence to our customers through three main objectives: achieving higher quality finishes, optimising manufacturing deadlines, and reducing final costs.

Through Lean Manufacturing systems, we analyse in-depth manufacturing processes, detecting bottlenecks, anticipating errors and optimising the use of the workforce through technologically leading processes and customised machinery. The spirit of continuous improvement, along with the close technological surveillance that we carry out, has allowed us to have our own systems and developments with which we reduce the lead time, the workforce load and improve the final quality of our polystyrene patterns.